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K2 Europe, registered and based in Amsterdam, is the leading K-9 solutions hub for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

We are an SME with a gargantuan mission to protect man and plant in the most secure, effective and cost-efficient way possible. Through a group of sister companies that provide regional support, K2 Europe is strategically positioned to provide top-notch solutions for Biosecurity.

We are currently the leading K-9 Biosecurity company for countries in the Middle East and North Africa. We specialize in innovative solutions and have incomparable knowledge and experience in protecting plants, crops and your investments.

Plant Protection Challenges

Invasive insects and transboundary pests are a threat to food security. They destroy crops and infest plants and trees.

Red Palm Weevil (RPW) in particular is currently threatening the palm tree population across North Africa and the Middle East.

Although there are many thermal, acoustic and electronic devices readily available in the market to identify infested trees, none provide accurate early detection.

Although traditionally-trained detector dogs have been efficiently identifying Citrus Green, Emerald Ash Borer and Red Palm Weevil for public and private agencies around the world for decades, they too have been unable to detect pests at earlier stages.

Traditionally, Red Palm Weevil detection is done through the identification of the chemical signature left by the ooze exuded on the Red Palm Weevil infested trees. However, the problem remains that by this stage the palm tree has already become diseased, often to the point where it must be destroyed.

Early detection is crucial for the survival of the trees and the economic viability of the crop. Through groundbreaking technology and  RST innovative training methods, however, our K-9 have conquered the challenge of early detection.


BugVape is a Biosecurity system developed by K2 Europe Biosecurity Division for the early detection of Red Palm Weevil in Date Palm, Ornamental Palm and Oil Palm trees.

BugVape was developed after years of research by our R&D department, Improved Canine Performance (ICP), in collaboration with universities and other canine research centers.

K2 Europe developed its training system for detector dogs through the use of Remote Scent Tracing (RST).

The BugVape K-9 is trained to identify and locate the Red Palm Weevil eggs and larva at a precision rate of over 80%.

Our RST technology and training method is science based and field proven. Our breakthrough system allows countries and farmers to locate palm trees and shoots infested with Red Palm Weevil at an early stage, the egg or hatched larva stages. This allows for early treatment and stops the spread of the infestation to other palms.

BugVape’s early detection system is efficient as well as accurate.

Our BugVape K-9 work remotely and  accurately quickly.

A single BugVape dog can screen an average of 300 palm trees every day, saving time and labor costs. These dogs prevent the death of countless palm trees and the loss of millions of dollars.

BugVape Early
Detection Benefits
BugVape Technology Applications

Border Control

BugVape technology is a country’s first line of defense against Red Palm Weevil infestation.

Our system allows for the detection of Red Palm Weevil in palm shoots and trees transported on trucks or in shipping containers.

The use of the BugVape method in shipping containers is vital for plant protection in the host country. With BugVape there is no need to unload the container, because detection is achieved through air sampling technology.

BugVape technology thus eliminates the risk of pest transmission to the host country incurred by offloading the container.

detection of red palm weevil

Field Application

BugVape technology allows for the early detection of Red Palm Weevil in all ages palm trees in the field.

The efficiency and accuracy of the BugVape method saves individual trees and enhances the quality of the crop.

With BugVape, farmers are able to decrease the amount of pesticide used during the season, as only the individual infested trees are treated.

Palm Weevil spreading

Palm Tree Nursery Application

BugVape Technology enables farmers to block the spread of Red Palm Weevil to healthy trees in the field by early detection in the nursery.

BugVape K-9 will inspect palm shoots and make sure they are Red Palm Weevil free, before they are purchased, thus protecting your field while securing your investment.

plant protection service

BugVape and the future of Biosecurity

K2 Europe’s ICP center, in collaboration with the scientific community, is working relentlessly to expand the scope of the BugVape system.

Through the use of Remote Scent Tracing technology, we are gearing towards the early detection of multiple local and transboundary pests in order to provide countries and farmers with a comprehensive plant protection service.