K2 Europe Solutions

Our Mission

 To provide science-backed, environmentally friendly, K-9 solutions for  Biosecurity.

Invasive insects and pests are a threat to food security. They destroy crops and infest plants and trees.

K2 Europe’s ICP, in cooperation with scientific institute, has re-introduced the use of dogs in detecting Red Palm Weevil (RPW).

Dogs have been used to detect Red Palm Weevil and other invasive species since the beginning of the century. However, they were only trained to detect beetles, thus offering little more than the readily available solution in the market.

K2 Europe has developed the BugVape solutions for this critical threat to Biosecurity.

Dogs detect Palm Weevil

K2 Europe’s K-9 have been uniquely trained for Red Palm Weevil detection using our proprietary technology and training method, Remote Scent Tracing (RST).

While dogs have been used to detect Red Palm Weevil for decades, they were not able to detect the pests at the early stages, before they destroy or damage trees and crops.

Our exclusive innovative technology called BugVape TM was developed after years of research by our ICP, in collaboration with university and other canine research centers, to detect Red Palm Weevil at the early stages of their life cycle, the egg and larva stages.

The BugVape TM technology is used at country borders, in shipping containers containing palm shoots and in the early detection of Red Palm Weevil in mature palm trees in the field.

BugVape’s early detection technology is considered a groundbreaking solution to a difficult problem in all date-producing countries.

These K-9 prevent the deaths of millions of palm trees and the loss of billions of dollars.

K2 Europe’s BugVape has been adopted by governments as the standard Red Palm Weevil early detection protocol in several Middle Eastern and North African countries. BugVape service is operated by our sister company, EASTWIND Biosecurity.